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An incredible weekend of business workshops and community building for healers and creatives.


Make this next year your biggest income year by intelligently planning out your 2017 business milestones and calendar.


Learn how to gain loyal clients by understanding how your audience thinks, feels and acts. Design your entire client funnel.


Learn how to save time and make more money by setting up a simple, yet powerful productivity and task management system.

Our Presenters

Noé Khalfa

Noé Khalfa

Owner and Business Coach, Worth The Journey


Three years ago Noé took a big leap: from Microsoft engineer to yoga teacher. But he knew zero about business and his first attempt at running a yoga studio totally flopped. Fast forward to now and he’s running a successful career and life coaching business and still teaches yoga. And now he’s using his three plus years training in business and marketing with teachers Seth Godin, Jonathan Fields, and Gay Hendricks to bring this powerful weekend to you.

Now as a coach, he’s worked with 60+ clients over hundreds of hours of one-on-one and group coaching session. His mission: to spread transformational work by helping heart-centered entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground.

He’s passionate in the creative world of marketing and the body-wisdom depths of yoga and dance. Noé is leading this Summit to guide you through the thorny bushes of business and help you make a gigantic impact in the work you love.

Leah Zaccaria

Leah Zaccaria

Owner and Yoga Teacher, shefayoga & hauteyoga


Leah is an accountant turned yogi entrepreneur. She was a licensed CPA for 15 years with a Masters in Taxation until 8 years ago. She went through a personal transformation, and in the process, found yoga. Yoga helped her see her life for what it was and what she wanted it to be.

She decided to take a huge leap of courage and open her own yoga studio. She opened hauteyoga Queen Anne in 2009. Within 6 months, the business was booming with much tenacity and hard work.

Her second yoga studio, shefayoga Roosevelt opened in 2013. She also created Sendatsu Evolution which holds two different teacher trainings a year.

Leah will talk about what it takes to create a thriving business, what obstacles she faced and how she overcame them.

The Workshops

The theme for this Summit is: Build It To Be Shared. During the Summit there will be five workshops each focused on a central topic aimed at growing your business into one that your fans will excitedly share. All workshops include both a presentation and real “getting it done” workshopping time in groups.

1. Getting Inside Your Audience’s Head

As business leaders, we need to get in touch with our audience on a personal level. In this workshop you’ll learn how your audience thinks, feels and acts. Then you’ll be able to craft marketing materials so that they feel personally connected to you and your service.

*Bring any marketing materials you’re working on to the Summit! Whether it’s for websites, projects, sessions, classes or events you’re hosting, bring in anything you want to turn into magnetic writing that draws your audience in.

2. Building The Funnel

How do clients find you? What does the first email they receive from you feel like? What next steps do they take?

Building the right client funnel is an essential part of every single business regardless of whether you sell car tires, one-on-one sessions or yoga retreats in the Himalayas. Simply put, your funnel is the path you guide your clients on. It’s their start to finish experience with your business. Every business has weak and strong funnel points.

In this workshop we’ll build your funnel, identify the weak spots and come up with solutions to turn your whole funnel into a fantastic experience that leaves clients wanting to tell other people about you.

3. How To Reach Your Audience

So, you’ve built your client funnel, but you still don’t know exactly how to reach your audience. The good news is that there are people out there, thousands of them, waiting for you to change their lives. You need only make contact with a clear strategy and an authentic heart, and your audience will come to you hungry for more.

This extensive workshop will dive you into the nitty-gritty of how, when and where to connect with your clients as they move through your funnel. What should you say to them? When? For how long? Do you still have their attention? Are they putting down real money for your services? Find out how to reach your audience in this workshop.

4. The Art And Science Of Getting More Done In Less Time

Oh no! Imagine this likely situation: 151 unread emails, 5 new potential clients to schedule with, one existing client who keeps sending you uber-long emails and you’ve got 3 classes to teach, a one-on-one session and a half-finished website on the backburner. Oh yea and lunch would be nice one day…

One of Noé’s specialties is productivity, time management and organization. Inspired by David Allen’s Getting Things Done ® method, Noé has been practicing and coaching others in productivity for years with big success.

You’re about to learn everything you need to get out of constant stress-levels, wasting time putting out fires left and right, unmanageable task lists and endless email threads.

5. Plan Out Your 2017 Business Year

This is the culminating event of the Summit. We’re now done mapping out who your audience is, how you’re going to find them, connect with them, and guide them through the funnel.

Now it’s time to get cracking on the action steps. You’ll create clear time and financial goals and then plan them out on your calendar. You’ll get down what needs to happen first, second third and so on in order to complete your funnel in reality.

That includes getting all websites, social media and marketing materials planned out. It also includes planning time off for yourself. That’s huge. You’ll leave this workshop with 2017 laid out and ready for the biggest year your business has ever seen!

Small Groups

Nothing is quite as powerful as small group time. You’ll get to know your very own small group of 4-8 entrepreneurs intimately. You’ll support each other, brainstorm ideas and make real friends.

To be successful as entrepreneurs, we need to be authentic, share our struggles and feeling, be heard, share our successes, be celebrated and do the same for others. This is not a Summit for the isolationist. This is a Summit for the heart-centered entrepreneur.

The Schedule

Bonus Wellness Package

Your ticket includes a special wellness package as a gift from our partners!

OmCulture Dance


1x Two-Hour Dance Pass

Cost: FREE

(Regular $12*)


3 Months Unlimited Yoga

Cost: $104

(Regular $350)

Aditi Bodywork

3x 60min Massages

Cost: $180

(Regular $270)

Kula Movement

5x Movement Class Pass

Cost: $55

(Regular $85)

We know how hard you work and how much self-care we all need as entrepreneurs. 

That’s why we partnered up with four incredible local studios in Seattle to offer you a special wellness package included in your Summit ticket. This is a package of free and highly discounted services.

It’s three whole months of incredible self-care wellness treatment and ecstatic community. Your cells will be humming and smiling from ear to ear. Treat yo’self. You deserve it!

Total Wellness Package Value = $378 *combined, it more than covers the cost of admission to the Summit.


Early Bird

Sold Out
  • Access to Entire Weekend Summit
  • Complete Workbook & PDF of Workshop Content and Exercises
  • Video Recording of Entire Training
  • Gifted Wellness Package From Partners (Value $378)
  • 15% Discount On All 2017 Worth The Journey Workshops
  • $50 Early Bird Discount (Ends Nov 14th)
Sold Out

Payment Plan

Full Weekend
  • Access to Entire Weekend Summit
  • Complete Workbook & PDF of Workshop Content and Exercises
  • Video Recording of Entire Training
  • Gifted Wellness Package From Partners (Value $378)
  • 15% Discount On All 2017 Worth The Journey Workshops
  • $79/mo For 4 Months
Get Your Ticket


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Summit designed for?

We invite all entrepreneurs who want to take their business or project to the next level. It’s also a great weekend of workshops for aspiring entrepreneurs who haven’t launched yet. The Summit is specifically for you if you identify as a healer or creative: yoga teacher, body worker, energy worker, life coach, graphic designer, artist, musician, or movement teacher.

Is it right for me?

It depends. If you’re thinking about or are currently building a business then it likely is. The core skills we’re going to learn are:

  1. How to market yourself and your business
  2. How to plan a long term business strategy
  3. How to scale your business to support you with a full-time income

If you’re self-employed and it’s about flippin’ time you actually figured out how to do the above, then yes, this weekend Summit is exactly for you.

Is a payment plan available?

Yep. It’s just $79/month for 4 months. We want to make this as financially doable as possible for you! Click here to register for the payment plan.

What should I bring?

Short Answer: Don’t worry, all the logistics will be in the email you get after you register.

Long Answer:

a) Any project / marketing / business materials you’re working on.

b) A water bottle.

Was that really longer??

Is lunch included?

No, but we’ll send you a handy guide to the best nearby lunch spots. Alternately feel free to bring your lunch, plenty go that route.

I’m brand new to business, is the Summit only for experts who already know all the entrepreneurial stuffs?

No way José, we’ve got you covered. This is a beginner friendly weekend. Noé is used to working with brand new entrepreneurs and besides being very patient, he’s also excited to get behind you as you build something new to offer this world!

I’m an experienced entrepreneur, is the Summit only for beginners?

No, we’re teaching material that will help both emerging entrepreneurs and experienced ones. All workshops are multi-level. We encourage you to bring along the projects and materials you’re currently working on, you’ll make big progress!

What happens if something comes up at the last minute and I have to cancel?

We totally understand that life changes and new things come up. So we want to hold up two sides:

  1. If something comes up you not be tied down and lose a bunch of money.
  2. That as you well know, commitment is at least 50% of the game itself and always starts with showing up.

This is why $50 of your ticket counts as a non-refundable deposit that reserves your spot. If you can no longer make it, you may transfer that deposit to someone else. Email noe@worththejourney.com with any further questions about this.

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